Accounting Services

​Accounting services are essential for your business to manage your finances effectively and efficiently. With our accounting services, you can easily grasp insights in your financials and get professionally certified help with tasks such as tracking expenses, payrolls, the gross margin and income of your company. By engaging VVM, you can benefit from our expertise, experience and knowledge of the latest accounting standards and regulations. Our accounting services helps you to save time, money and resources, as well as avoid errors and penalties that could harm your business reputation and performance. Whether you require accounting services for your personal or business needs, at VVM you can always expect a reliable, certified and qualified accountant that suits your budget and goals.

Our accounting services are categorized in the following:

 Bookkeeping & Financial Statements

​​​ Payroll Administration

 Loan Administration

​​ Financial Budgeting & Reporting

​​ Other Administrative Services

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"No stress, no mess, just accounting for success!"

Bookkeeping & Financial Statements

"Let us handle the numbers, you focus on your business."

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to manage your finances, you might want to consider our bookkeeping services. We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs, whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or a self-employed professional. Our bookkeeping services include but are not limited to recording and categorizing your income and expenses, preparing and filing your tax returns, creating and maintaining your financial statements and providing you with regular reports and insights. We provide both bookkeeping services and financial statements for you, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency in your financial affairs, whether the financial statements are required to be based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Dutch Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (Dutch GAAP), or Fiscal Principles.

As a company or business owner you have a lot on your plate, with the operations, marketing and customer relations. Due to this you might be unable to properly track your expenses and prepare financial reports. However, a bookkeeper can help with all your financial records. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, you save time and money, avoid errors and penalties, and focus on growing your business. You enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your financial records are in good hands. Contact us today to get a free quote and a personalized plan for your bookkeeping needs.

Payroll Administration

"The easiest way to pay your staff and comply with the law."

As a company you pay the salary of your employees regularly and therefore you need to hand-over the wage tax to the tax authorities. So it is important that the calculation of the salaries goes well. That's where VVM comes in. We provide payroll administration services for both small and medium-sized businesses. We handle all the aspects of your payroll processing, whether it concerns calculating wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits, or issuing payslips and filing tax reports, while complying with labor laws. We offer your company secured access to your payroll data, reports, and documents for both employers and employees. At VVM you can be assured about correct, accurate and reliable information about your payroll administration. By outsourcing your payroll administration to us, you save time, money, and resources, while you can fully focus on your core activities. 

Loan Administration

"The smart way to handle your loan payments and balances."

Loan administration services are essential for managing the lifecycle of your loan, from origination to servicing and repayment. Our loan administration services include preparing loan documents, verifying borrower information, disbursing funds, collecting payments, monitoring loan performance, issuing statements, providing customer service, and handling delinquencies and defaults. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in handling various types of loans, whether these are mortgages, personal loans, business loans etc. We tailor our service to the specific needs and preferences of each loan, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and trust. With our loan administration services you benefit from reduced risk of default, improved cash flow and efficiency, and enhanced insights in your loan

Financial Budgeting & Reporting

"Budget smarter, report faster and achieve your financial goals with ease."

Financial budgeting and reporting are essential for your business if you want to achieve your goals and optimize your performance. VVM helps you to create, manage, and analyse your financial data and reports, so you can share them with your internal and external stakeholders. With our services, you can see the past, present, and prospects of your financial situation, allowing you to make better decisions and manage risks. Furthermore, our services enable you to allocate your resources efficiently and effectively, aligning them with your strategic goals and priorities. We help you  to measure and improve your financial performance, finding strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. Our team of experts will ensure that your organization is transparent and accountable, complying with laws and regulations, and satisfying the needs of investors, creditors, customers, and other stakeholders. We improve the quality and reliability of your financial information, reducing errors, fraud, and mismanagement. Take your business to the next level and boost your performance with our financial reporting services.

Other Administrative Services

"You name it, we administer it."

Didn't find the administration and accounting service you have been looking for? We perform various additional administrative services ranging from payment processing to support with opening bank accounts. Our payment administration services assist you to pay for goods and services, send and receive money from all your contacts using our trust account. In this way we assist you with your payments while directly administering these in your financial administration.​ Furthermore, we can assist you with the process of opening a bank account at all prominent banks in Suriname. Whether it concerns payments processing, assistance with opening bank accounts, set-up a company, or any other administrative task, we have the expertise and experience to handle it for you. We are passionate about providing high-quality and reliable services that meet your needs and expectations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your administrative challenges.

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