Financial Consulting & Corporate Finance

At VVM, we offer comprehensive financial consulting and corporate finance services to help you achieve your strategic and operational goals. Whether you need assistance with mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, valuation, or financial modeling, planning and analysis, we have the tools and professionals to provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and challenges. We leverage our multidisciplinary backgrounds together with our industry expertise, market insights, and network to deliver value-added advice and support across various sectors and regions. Ranging from corporations and government institutions to small businesses and individuals, we help you balance risk and return and make smart choices about how to use and raise money. At VVM, we help you to analyse, design and implement key financial initiatives that improve your performance and capabilities in the most strategic areas. With our help, you can boost your company's value, cut costs, and have a true partner for your business.

Our financial consulting & corporate finance services are categorized as follows:

 Financial and Investment Analyses

​​​ Financial Forecasting and Modeling


​​ Bifurcations, Mergers and Acquisitions

​​ Capital Funding

"The smart way to grow your business."       

Financial and Investment Analyses

"Planning to perform a crucial transaction or investment? Let us analyse the effects and outcome for you."

Financial and Investment Analysis is a service that helps you make informed financial and investment decisions about your financial goals and strategies. By analysing the current and projected performance of various investments, we provide you valuable insights and recommendations on how to optimize your investment portfolio, minimize risks, and maximize returns. Whether it concerns investment in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, loans or any other investment, our team of qualified and experienced professionals use the latest tools and techniques to conduct comprehensive and objective financial and investment analysis for you to provide you optimal advice. We help you plan for your future requirements, such as retirement, education, estate, etc., and evaluate your opportunities, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, cash flows and other aspects of interest.

Financial Forecasting and Modeling

"Scenario modeling and analysis for forecasting your future with confidence and clarity."

Financial forecasting and modeling services are essential for you if you want to plan ahead and optimize your performance. These services help you to project your future performance including revenues, expenses, cash flows, and profitability, based on various scenarios and assumptions. By using financial forecasts and models you identify potential risks and opportunities, evaluate different strategies, and take decisions based on extensive scenario analyses. Our financial forecasts and models use advanced econometric techniques which together with latest technologies are able to present robust outcomes for your business needs. These services are tailor made and enable you to demonstrate credibility and viability and clearly communicate your vision and goals to stakeholders, investors, and lenders.


"Get the proper value for your transactions."

​Valuation services are essential for to know your business' true worth and potential. It concerns the process of estimating the economic value of an asset, a business, or a liability. Our valuation services are useful for various purposes, such as mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, litigation support, taxation, and strategic planning. As valuations have significant impacts on the decisions and outcomes of your business, you can expect the required high level of expertise, professionalism, and objectivity from our valuation experts. We use several approaches to perform valuations, depending on the nature and purpose of the assignment including common methods such as market-based, cashflow-based, income-based, and brand-valuation methods. We help you to understand the value drivers of your business, identify opportunities and risks, and optimize your decision-making process. Whether you need a valuation for a single asset or a complex portfolio, VVM provides you with a comprehensive and customized solution that meets your needs and expectations.

Bifurcations, Mergers and Acquisitions

"Splitting, joining or acquiring a business? We offer strategic advice, operational support and financial solutions to make your business transformation a success"

Bifurcations, Mergers and Acquisitions (BMA) are complex and strategic transactions that require specialized expertise and guidance. The BMA services of VVM are designed to help you navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of business transactions. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, merge, split, or restructure your company, VVM has the expertise and experience to guide you through the process. We assist you with complete process including the feasibility, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, financing, integration, legalities and post-deal support. We also help you to identify and evaluate potential opportunities, risks, and synergies in your target market. Our team of BMA experts has the experience, knowledge, and network to help you execute your BMA transactions with confidence and excellence.

Capital Funding

"Secure the best financing options for your business"

Capital Funding is one of the services offered by VVM, to help you grow your businesses. Our team helps you with financing options for your business ventures, whether you are a start-up, or looking to expand, or acquire more business. Whether you need a loan, a grant, an equity investment, or a combination of these, VVM helps you to find the most suitable and affordable solution. We provide you expert advice, guidance, and support throughout the process of securing funds from various sources including banks, investors and government agencies. Our Capital Funding services are designed to help you achieve your business goals and objectives with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. Let our professionals assess your financial situation and help you to prepare and present your business plans, financial statements, and financial projections to potential funders. We also support you in negotiations for the best terms and conditions for your deals and guide you with the legal and regulatory aspects of capital funding to ensure that you comply with all the requirements and avoid any pitfalls. With VVM's Capital Funding Assistance, you can focus on growing your business while we arrange the funding for you. Contact us today and let us help you turn your vision into reality. 

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